The quicker, faster and safer solution for copyright protection to your work. The main mission of Autorali is to help and advise you, innovating and simplifying processes to protect your works. Count on us!
Guarantee ownership and generate proof of authorship of your intellectual work recognized and valid in +180 countries.

Following international guidelines and treaties, the Autorali system applies technologies recognized by the judicial system of the +180 coutries of Berne Convetion, to generate indisputable and auditable evidence for your work and / or creation. The system applies electronic signature technology and time stamp, which ensure the integrity and date of generation of the certificate. And, all of this is 100% digital and online.

If you still have any questions, feel free to contact us. We will respond to your request quickly, usually between 30 minutes to six business hours.

What can I Copyright?

Protect computer programs (software), films, music, scripts, photographs, drawings, sculptures, packaging, illustrations, engineering projects, architecture, translations and adaptations of original works, books, short stories, poems, collections and much more.

Simplify the protection process of your works, count on us!

Is easy. Is fast. It is 100% reliable.

One time fee per registration.

Your registration is valid as proof of authorship in +180 countries.