Simplify and protect your work. Copyright your work with Autorali:

Simplicity, security, efficiency!

Autorali  arose from the demand of Apolo Marcas e Patentes’ clients to protect copyrights in a quick, cheap and without bureaucracy.

Since the patrimonial and moral rights of a work are not required to be registered with the government, unlike trademarks and patents, we look for a way to declare the authorship of a work more quickly than the traditional way that was used until then, it takes days to complete and the cost of mail, fees and intermediaries could easily go over $ 1000.00.

And for that we created a system that would generate an unquestionable proof in content and temporality, that could prove at any time, the authorship of a work. And so the Autorali was born.

Our certificate has an electronic signature and time stamp issued by a Time Stamping Authority (TSA) that gives full legal validity in Brazil and internationally, in a total of +180 countries.

How Does it Work? Step-By-Step Guide