Answers to the most common Copyright registration questions

1. Is my registration with Autorali valid as an Trademark registration?

Answer: No. Unlike trademarks and patents, copyright does not require registration on a governmental institution. However, it is vital that the author has proof if he needs to prove, in a judicial dispute, for example, the authorship of his work.

The registration in the Autorali system generates this proof of previous validity legally valid in 179 countries. And for that it applies an electronic signature, which ensures the integrity of the certificate in PDF, and a time stamp issued by an accredited authority, to prove the exact date of the declaration of authorship.

2. What are the payment methods?

Answer: Credit card up to 12X, or, bank payment slip, and the main local payment of your region.

3. After paying my registration request, how long will my work be protected?

Answer: The process is all automatic, so it is quick and easy. After payment confirmation your certificate will arrive by email within 1 minute.

Therefore, carefully fill in the “email” field in the registration form.

4. How long does the registration protect my work?

Answer: With the Autorali certificate you will guarantee the rights provided for international treaties.

Varies from country to country. But all countries garantee protection for all author’s lifetime.  For example Brazil, protection lasts for the author’s entire life and for another 70 years after his or her death.

5. How to register my work?

Answer: Note the name of the author (s) and co-author (s), as well as their respective IDs; prepare the file to be registered and follow the very simple steps as you can check in the step by step at

6. Do I have the copyright for my music when registering my music?

Answer: By registering your music in the Autorali system, you will have proof of authorship of your music and rest assured about unauthorized copies.

7. What works or works can be registered in Autorali?

– Texts such as cinema scripts, theses, dissertations;
– Computer programs (Softwares);
– Theater plays, sets, choreographic works;
– Songs, whether the melody or the lyrics;
– Literary works such as: books, poems, short stories;
– Photographs, videos;
– Technical works such as engineering projects, architecture, topography;
– Adaptation and translations of original works;
– Compilations such as dictionaries, encyclopedias, databases, anthologies, whose organization and disposition of the content constitute intellectual work;
– Illustrations, drawings, paintings, sculptures.

These are some examples of works that constitute intellectual property and are protected by copyright law, so they can be registered by the Autorali system.

8. What cannot be registered as a copyright?

– Game or business rules;
– Standards, mathematical concepts, ideas;
– Blank forms for filling in information;
– Laws, treaties, conventions, judgments, and other official acts;
– Names or titles without any other information;
– Information without expressiveness as: subtitles, calendars, entries.
– Form of industrial or commercial use of concepts contained in the works.

You cannot have the copyright of a phone book for example which is a collection of facts organized in alphabetical order. Neither the facts themselves nor their arrangement are sufficiently expressive to guarantee copyright protection.

You can, however, own the copyright to an essay that cites some facts in a specific order. Note that in this example, your copyright could not prevent others from using the facts.

However, by selecting which facts to present and presenting them in a particular way, you have made the work expressive, and thereby protected by copyright law.

To avoid infringing your copyright, another author will need to select and present the facts differently.

9. Can I register more than one song (Ex: 10 songs) with a single registration?

Answer: Yes! Just join the songs in a single file and perform the procedure described at https://www.autorali/step-by-step

10. Can I register more than one Book (Ex: 10 songs) with a single registration?

Answer: Yes! Just join the texts in a single file and perform the procedure described at

11. Do I record my music in a text, audio or video file?

Answer: You can register in text, audio or video. In the case of recording in audio or video + audio, you will protect the lyrics and melody. Registering the text will protect the composition.

12. I don’t have an audio or video file, how do I record my composition and melody?

Answer: If you don’t have an audio file and you want to protect the composition and melody, just register text and score in a text file (Ex. .Pdf, .docx) or image file (Ex. .Jpg, .jpeg).

13. Is the registration of the work done by the national library system?

Answer: No. The registration on the Autorali platform uses digital certification, digital signature and time stamp (timestamping), SHA-256 encryption to generate the HashCode, unique for each digital file.

These electronic methods are widely accepted in court, used by federal and state courts, federal revenue, INPI among others.

14. In order to register the song, is it necessary to put the written song or just the title?

Answer: For maximum protection, it is necessary to attach a file containing the lyrics and / or melody. The file can be in .pdf, .docx, .mp3, .mp4 format among several other formats.

15. Can the details of the charge be in my name and the card used by a third party? I will use a third party card to register.

Answer: Yes! Because the certificate is in the name of the author and holder described in the register.

16. I will register authorship of a logo that I created a few months ago. Can I register after the date when the work was created? Or can I only register authorship from the date of request?

Answer: The registration date stated in the certificate, and for the purpose of judicial proof of authorship is the effective date of registration in the Autorali system. So if you created a work on 01/01/2019 and you registered on 03/19/2019 you have proof of authorship from 03/19/2019.

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