Step 1: Buy Credits

You purchase credit packs from 1 to 15 credits with progressive increments. To buy credits click here.

2º Step - Register Work

Now that you have credits, log into your account and go to the copyright registration page (Click here to access). Check below how to fill in each of the fields.

Registration Form Fields

Títle: Here you fill in the identifying title of your work. (Example: Song Name, Book Title, etc.)

Personal Informations – Author(s): Fill in the field with the name and ID number of the Author and Co-authors (if any).

Personal Informations – Holder(s): Fill in the field with the name and ID number of the Owner(s). The titleholders will be those who own the patrimonial rights of the work. That is, those who will have the economic rights to the registered content.

The holders can be the author himself, one of the authors, or a third party, a service contractor for example.

Optional Description: If you want to describe observations about the work, you can use the “Observations” field.

Send File: Upload the file that contains your music, text, movie, etc. which can be in the most varied formats (.mp3, mp4, .pdf, .avi, jpeg, png, etc). , making the process even easier.


3º Step - Complete Payment

After clicking “Buy” in Step 2, check your order and click “Checkout”.

On the checkout page, fill in your details and click on checkout. 1 credit will be deducted from your account and you will immediately receive an email with your registration certificate to your email address registered at checkout.

4º Step - Store Certificate with the Source File

After receiving the certificate in your email, download it and save it in a folder along with the original file that contains the work.

Receipt of registration certificate:

Once the payment is confirmed, your certificate will be automatically generated and sent to the registered email, simple as that!

Payments via credit card are normally approved in a few minutes by the operators and in a few moments you receive your form.

Payments via bank slip take an average of 36 hours to clear, but the maximum period guaranteed by most banks to clear your payment is up to 72 hours.

Once the bank slip is cleared, your order will be approved and you will automatically receive the registration certificate in your email.

Any questions, feel free to contact Autorali consultants through the service channels or via email:

Important Notice: For this certificate to be always valid, it is the responsibility of the system user to keep the source file (digital file where your work is recorded) in a safe place. If there is any change in the file (change of title, file generated by the option “save as”), the Hashcode of the source file will change, invalidating the copyright record.

Individual or legal entity, and in the case of legal entity it only applies in cases of co-authorship, in specific cases, and NEVER as the author of a work.

The holder will be the one who will have the economic rights over the work. That is, the holder of the Patrimonial Rights. The holder can be either an individual or a legal entity.

Moral Rights:
The holders of moral rights are the authors and co-authors of a work. This type of right is very personal, that is, they are irrevocable and non-transferable.

Patrimonial Rights:
The holders of the patrimonial rights of a work, have their economic rights. That is, they are those who can receive royalties, assign, license or sell the economic exploitation rights of the work.