How Autorali Registration Works

Simplicity, security, efficiency!

Unlike trademarks and patents, copyright and patrimonial rights do not need registration, rights that arise from the creation of the work.

However, the author needs an indisputable proof of authorship so that, in a situation of dispute, he can prove who is the creator of the work.

The safest and most efficient way of proving authorship is to produce a proof of priority, which contains the content of the work and the date of declaration of authorship of the work. And that is what the Autorali certificate provides.

When registering a work in the Autorali system, the author will have its certificate in pdf, electronically signed ensuring the inviolability of the content and a timestamp (time stamp), issued by an authority accredited by ITI – National Institute of Information Technology, which meet international norms and standards.

ITI – National Institute of Information Technology is a brazilian government entity responsible of issuing digital certificates and a time stamp authority. ITI is part of

Microsoft Trusted Root Program and Adobe Authorized Trust List (AATL).

But be careful, for the certificate to be valid, it is necessary to keep together with the certificate, the ORIGINAL file containing the work, without any alteration, not even alteration of the title of the file, or copy made through the “save as”.

This is because the Autorali certificate contains the hash of the original document that can be of any digital format (mp3, mp4, jpeg, jpg, pdf, etc.).

Hash is like a “fingerprint” of a digital file, and it is unique for each file and impossible to replicate.

The algorithm applied to generate this Hash code (or Hashcode) is SHA256, created by the NSA, the National Security Agency of the United States.

Name of the Source File: Where the exact name of the digital upload file is, which contains the work to be registered. Save this file and never change this name to avoid invalidating the certificate.

Source File HASHCODE (sha256): SINGLE code for each digital file. It is generated through a standard SHA-256 cryptographic algorithm and is part of security standards of companies and government systems, such as the American Government. It is also the same technology applied for targeting and creating cryptocurrency wallet addresses like Bitcoin.

Title: Here is the title of your work.

Personal Informations – Author(s): Name of the moral rights holders of the work, that is, the intellectual author of the book, music, photography, etc.

Personal Informations – Holder(s): Name and ID of the each owner of the patrimonial rights of the work. That could be, a person or a company that dedicated the resources to the production of the work.

Optional Description: Here you can find general observations such as: type of work, musical style, purpose of the work, summary of the contents of the source file.

In the left corner, the .pdf document of the certificate has the symbol attesting that the document contains a digital signature and the name of the issuing company, APOLO, manager of the Autorali® system.